The Ultimate Abs Workouts For Runners


Abs workouts are extremely essential for runners. Running helps in strengthening the back muscles; however, it does not work on the muscles lying in the stomach region. If you do not give proper attention to your abs, you might develop an overall imbalance in the torso which will have a negative impact on your gait and posture. In addition, stronger abdominal muscles can also help in moving your legs and shifting hips thus giving you increased power and stamina with each and every step.

Powerful and ripped abdominal muscles are a trademark of some of the serious weightlifters and bodybuilders. Many runners desire to stay in good shape only by running. However, it is not possible, as training the body and torso become essential to maintaining flat abs. Eschewing weights, crisscross training exercises like swimming and bicycling and combining other forms like planks can be helpful.

When you run, your entire body weight falls on your legs. This means that all your muscles in the abdominal or core area must be contracted to help you stay balanced. A weaker core is a sign of weak muscles in the neck and back region, which will pick up slack and lead pains and aches or even serious injuries. Weak abs can comprise your performance while you run, thus making you much slower and increasing fatigue.

You may wish to dive into the classic abdominal exercises for improving the overall conditions; however, in order to get really great results from your abs workouts, as a runner, you must follow a routine to mimic the stress of running.

Here are few ways to kick start the abs workout routine for runners:

Evaluate your Goals

Have you set your goals? If not, evaluate your goals and your health. If you have any history of injuries affecting your back, you can consult a doctor before you add any type of exercises to your routine. In addition, you must understand that it important to follow precision and a proper spirit for avoiding any sort of injuries during your workout. If you are unsure about performing a set of the exercise, you must seek an expert help.

Set a Standard Routine

It might be very difficult for a runner to start an abs routine. There are some specific set of core conditioning exercises that will be suggested by personal trainers. Such exercises should be incorporated into the standard routine and used in such a way so that it works effectively for the overall body.


Knee crunches, the classic bent ones can be performed at home for developing a stronger core. It can be combined with bicycle crunches, which will help in developing a flatter abdomen.


Plank and the side plank maneuvers are excellent for developing stronger and rock-hard core. Hold yourself in a correct position and practice planks to train your abdominal muscles.

Supine March

It is an excellent exercise form for runners as it increases core stability of the transverse abdominals, which is the deep abdominal muscle. This muscle requires tension for preventing exercise movement of your lumbar spine and pelvis region. Maintaining appropriate tension is one of the greatest challenges you may have to face when you are performing this exercise.