Educative and Detailed Information about Bariatric Surgery Sleeve


Being overweight does not only make the affected people uncomfortable with their bodies, but it also put such people at risk of being affected by various health conditions. Due to this, many people with excess weight are usually ready to implement various weight loss methods. One of the effective modern methods of losing weight is bariatric surgery sleeve. This surgery involves removal of a portion of the stomach so as to limit food intake. People who undergo this procedure are consequently able to reduce the amount of food they consume which in turn reduces the amount of fat made by the body and hence they are able to lose weight effectively.

The steps of the procedure

This weight loss surgery sleeve is delicate and hence it requires to be done by a qualified surgeon. The procedure starts with the surgeon creating incisions in the abdomen so as to allow surgical tools to enter midsection and remove a portion of the stomach. After the portion of stomach is removed the surgeon then closes the incisions and tests the remaining portion of the stomach to ensure that there are no leakages.

The healing process

The recovery period of bariatric surgery sleeve usually varies depending on the care that patients take on their wounds. After the surgery the patients require to remain in hospital for one or two days before being discharged. Full recovery of this procedure may take several weeks with the maximum recovery period being seven weeks.

Maintenance during the recovery period

During the recovery of this weight loss sleeve patients need to follow a strict liquid diet for a period of two weeks. This is usually followed by another two weeks of using pureed food after which one can start using solid foods gradually. These maintenance measures are meant to ensure the wounds heal properly and fast.

Advantages of this procedure

One of the primary advantages of undergoing this surgery is that no foreign objects are placed in the body which is a common practice in some other weight loss surgeries. This surgery also eliminates the part of stomach that produce the hormones responsible of stimulating hunger. Furthermore, patients who undergo this procedure reduce chances of getting ulcers.

Considerations and risks

The bariatric surgery sleeve is recommended for people with a minimum body mass index of 40. Smoking after undergoing this procedure usually increases chances of complications and hence it is advisable to desist from smoking until full recovery. After the surgery patients may experience swollen and sour abdomens but this stops after several days.


It is evident that this method of weight loss is convenient and simple since patients do not have to spend a lot of time and resources trying to lose weight. Since the procedure has several risks, it is always paramount to look for the most competent surgeon so as to minimize chances of developing complications. It is also paramount to follow all regulations and maintenance measures directed by the doctor so as to have a quick recovery. The fact that this procedure has various benefits and is effective makes it one of the most ideal weight loss methods. Therefore, people looking to lose weight in an effective and long term method should consider bariatric surgery sleeve.