Body Building Diet for Women


We all want to look great and feel great and the most obvious way of achieving this is by having a great body. Body building helps people shed off excess fat and gain muscle which is important if one is going to remain in shape. One can start body building for competitive reasons or simply to shape up and gain muscles. More women are becoming body builders but unlike men, women face more challenges as they don’t gain muscles as quickly as men and some may feel the need to push themselves harder which might be counteractive. One of the key pillars of bodybuilding is diet and one should adhere to it strictly so as to see results remember the goal is to lose fat not weight and the muscle that left and built needs calories to keep functioning. The perfect bodybuilding diet for women should allow as much fat loss as possible while keeping plenty of muscles and it should ensure that the woman has energy to maintain intensity during workouts. Here is what the diet should have.


This is perhaps the most important category when it comes to bodybuilding foods as it’s responsible for muscle formation and maintenance. The protein is broken down into amino acids which aid in protein synthesis so the more amino acids the body has the higher the synthesis.

Consume lots of lean red meat, skinless chicken, turkey, low fat dairy products, eggs and fish especially oily ones with low sodium as they give you great fatty acid that boost your body’s performance.


These should be consumed in high quantities especially on workout days but the amount of consumption should be checked and the best way to do this is check the glycemic index which shows the ability of particular foods to raise blood sugar and this indicates the level of carbs in the food so aim for those with a lower on the scale.

The best carbs include root tubers such as yams, arrowroots and sweet potatoes, whole grain products, corn, oatmeal and brown rice. Stay clear of carbs with refined sugars and fats like cookies or pastries.

Vegetables and fruits

Though they are emphasized on losing weight diet, they are equally important in a body building diet as they provide the body with vitamins, minerals and fibre and these help in flushing out toxins, protection of the body against illnesses that may keep one form exercising and also help in absorption of essential nutrients in the body.

They also give energy and help the digestion system to work properly which is something you really need when body building. They form a core part of a body building diet for women beginners especially as they tend to get hungry fast due to the changes and these provide a healthy snack. Women beginners should also eat lots of nuts as they help curb hunger and still contain nutrients.
Consume plenty of broccoli, asparagus, green beans, pumpkin leaves and spinach. Oranges, melons, pineapples and papaya provide the much needed antioxidants and essential minerals. Bananas and oranges are very rich in potassium which is really helpful especially after working out.


A good bodybuilding diet for women should aim to eliminate as much fattening and unhealthy fats as possible. First one should cook with olive; almond and canola oils amongst the good oils as this fend off bad cholesterol and are important for the brain and other body functions.
For sauces that need creams and butter as a base, use low fat yoghurt instead. Use skimmed or low fat milk for your tea and cut down on the consumption of cheese as its very fatty. Look for low fat cheese or strongly flavored cheese as you only need a small piece. Eat lots of cold water fish, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds and peanut butter.
Incorporate flaxseeds and flax seed oil in your diet as they help to keep your appetite in check and give the body a signal that it has enough fats and this gets the body to release the fats in reserve. Flaxseed oil also reduces joint inflammation and this quite important as you will undertake strenuous workouts. Stay clear of deep fried foods, butter high fat salad dressings and fatty cuts of meat.


Hydrate as much as you can to keep from overeating and to also feel refreshed. Water flashes out all toxins from the body some of which might be the reason why you find it hard to lose weight. Drinking plenty of water also replenishes the water lost when you sweat during workouts.


More people are becoming vegetarians by the day and seeing the high emphasis on protein in body building might cow someone into thinking they can’t succeed as meat is the most popular source of protein. This however not true vegetarian bodybuilding diet for women can have just as much protein and this is done by replacing meat and fish with tofu, peas, nuts and beans.

You can also find a way of incorporating tempeh in your diet as most people prefer it to tofu and take iron supplements since its mostly found in red meat. Depending on your beliefs you can decide to be a lacto-ovo vegetarian and incorporate dairy products in your diet.

Having said that, a well thought out and planned bodybuilding diet for women will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals but only if you adhere to it to the latter. Bodybuilding especially for women is no easy feat so be prepared mentally and psychologically before you start. Plan and prepare your meals early in the week so that you always have stock of healthy foods and this will help you keep on track as you won’t be opting for quick refined snacks each time you are hungry. Aside from losing unwanted fat, bodybuilding strengthens your immune system, improves how the heart functions, boosts your confidence and slows down aging something that is very close to every woman’s heart so get going and improve the quality of your life.