Top 5 Workouts For Building Lean Muscles


Building lean muscles is not an easy job. Muscle building should target all parts of the body and work on muscles of each body part such as legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders etc. if your workout program is not evenly targeting all your body parts, you may turn out looking like a half build Johnny Bravo. Five easy and doable workouts for building lean muscles are given here that you can start with before moving on to more specific and illustrious workout regimens.

Muscle building workout for legs

Squatting is a very helpful muscle building exercise for lean leg muscles. You can start by using smaller weights, and then move on to heavier ones. You need to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and back arched. Start with the weight that you are comfortable and hold it behind your shoulders. Squat your legs and bring your body down to a sitting posture. Hold the position and then go back up. This not only strengthens the thigh muscles and hamstring but also calf muscles. Increase the intensity and weight to get better results since you need continued intensity to burn fat and tone muscles.

Workout for lower back and abdomen

Deadlifts are an extremely good means to work out the muscles on your lower back and lower abdomen. During deadlifts, you pull weights up from the ground using your leg. They are usually done after squats and greatly improve leg toning as well. Straight leg deadlifts are also extremely useful for targeting the hamstring.

Workout for the torso

Bench presses are the most important part of the session for building upper body. Bench press mostly concentrates on building chest and triceps. For doing bench presses, you need to lie down on top of a bench with the weight held up to your chest level. You need to shove the weights up using both your arms and then pull them back in. Again the key is to increase the weight after a few days to avoid the buildup of muscle resistance.

Workout for upper back

Military presses are the most useful workout for building deltoids and shoulder muscles, as well as arms. For a military press session, you need to lie down on a bench and have the weight bar adjusted to the level of your chin. You need to shove the weight up, holding your arm straight, and then bring it smoothly back down. This exercise is very useful for overall arm muscle growth.

Workout for arms

Regular dumbbell lifting for arms is a popular workout and is very helpful. Do several repetitions of holding a weight in your arm and then bringing the weight to your shoulder by folding your elbow. It’s from the old school of exercises but still used regularly by trainers. You can use both arms alternatively, together or one arm at a time.

Cardio exercises are very important since they contribute to the overall fat loss. Ensuring that your heart rate remains consistent, that is 70 to 75% offers continuous fat burning to shape muscles. Lots of proteins should be ingested to make sure that the body gets enough energy to cope up with the strenuous workouts.