How to Go About Bodybuilding Diet for Women Beginners


Most women have been deceived when it comes to starting up a good diet for losing weight. But it is not advisable to go on diet as bodybuilding for women beginners, reason being that, most of this diets lucks a basic principle in nutritional value. It is good for you as a beginner to look carefully into these nutritional principles tips and workouts before doing anything first that might be a threat to your body in terms of body health and even emotional support, these two fact complement each other since it is true that your emotion is affected by health and vice versa.

1. As a beginner food is very important
Most people grew up knowing junk food as a main meal not knowing about nutrition. The way people ignore the type of food they eat is why there are weight problems; the role of food in the body is to supply energy needed and nutrients. Have a good choice on the type of food to take, food contain three important micro nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Proteins come second from water in making up the body and it plays a great role in performing a lot of body functions. Carbohydrates provide the required energy in the body. There are good and bad fats and when you reduce the intake of fats and sugars you stand a great chance of losing this weight.

2. A beginner should to set up goals
Realize your body weight and the amount of consumption you take in to create a reasonable goal, also learn the amount of calories needed in the body.

3. Set up a proportion micro nutrient.
Proteins should be about 50%, 30%-35% should be carbohydrates while the rest of your consumption should be healthy fats.

4. What you should avoid.
As a bodybuilding diet for women beginners avoid;

– Meats with high fats, always go for lean or white meat

– Fatty dairy

– Dressing your salad with fats

– Foods that are deep fried

– Butter as well

5. Plan your meals
Bodybuilding diet for women beginners should consist of the following during breakfast, lunch, supper and even snacks.

• Breakfast
This is the most crucial meal of the day take; an apple, 3eggs, oatmeal and water.

• Lunch
Take chicken, brown rice, mixed vegetables and water.

• Mid-afternoon snacks
Take a yoghurt or protein shake

• Dinner
Take a steak, some carrots, a sweet potato and water. Not forgetting the vegetarian bodybuilding diet for women beginners simply substitutes all meat proteins with others, beans being a substitute.

In conclusion it should be in the daily routine of bodybuilding diet for women beginners to have a healthy meal every day as well as workout make a schedule for working out so as to lose the fats and remember not to lose off the muscles in the process. When it comes to working out come up with a good routine that will not work out your body too much. Remember it is all about planning and making a good plan as it is concerned.