Inspiration for All Women- How to Lose Weight The Right Way


The Parkers is one of those shows many people grew up to at the dawn of the new millennium. Who in this day and era does not know of Monique? If you did not get to watch her crack people’s ribs on the late 90’s sitcom then you have probably read about her struggle with weight in the magazines. She has been on numerous talk shows, Oprah Winfrey Show, Tyra Banks Show- you name it, all to talk about her fight to lose weight. Monique has always been all about finding the best way to lose weight healthily and inspiring other women to do the same. Her most recent pictures are making their rounds on the worldwide web. The gossip mills are also still functioning. The supposed Monique weight loss surgery has hot topic for quite some time now.

The secrets of weight loss surgery

One thing many people do not know is that there are a variety of weight loss surgeries that one can undergo. The most popular ones include: the gastric bypass, lap band and sleeve gastrectomy. All these procedures have the same goal of shedding weight but they do not have the same target population. You might not qualify for some of these procedures. Either way, there are so many medical institutions that provide affordable surgeries for lose weight. For Monique, weight loss surgery would be a walk in the park. She has access to the best of doctors in the world.

Gastric bypass

Now this one will really make you lose weight, up to 80% of the excess weight will be lost. During the first year, you will lose a lot of weight quite rapidly. However, this method has some disadvantages. It is not really healthy as a portion of the digestive tract will be bypassed and consequently result into nutritional deficiencies. You have to be admitted in a hospital for at least two days for observations. After these two days, you need no more follow ups. It has the highest probability of complications.

Lap band

You lose up to 50% of the excess weight but it is much slower than the gastric bypass option. Monthly follow ups are necessary and thus this is an expensive affair. Malnutrition is not a problem when you have a lap band but you have to be really motivated to lose the weight. It is all about willpower.

Sleeve gastrectomy

This one serious- the stomach size is reduced. There is a portion of the stomach which produces a hormone to stimulate hunger. This portion is the one that is removed; point is to control appetite and cravings for food. You will lose up to 60% excess weight during the first couple of years.

So now you are really left to wonder, did Monique have weight loss surgery and if she did, which one was it? She looks perfectly healthy. All the above procedures have dramatic side effects. Staying healthy might be a struggle after any of the procedures.

Losing weight the healthy way

Some three years ago, Monique began a journey, the journey to liberate herself from an unhealthy lifestyle. It was all over social media and it is a journey that continues to this day. The Oscar Winner has documented her weight loss journey since she started. She denied having gone for any kind of surgery to lose weight. Monique has been sharing her struggle and achievement through social media. The Monique weight loss surgery is just a story created by some people to keep themselves busy. Here is what she has been doing to lose her weight:

 • Eating right

Pre-packaged foods, fast foods and pointless snacks are out. Never be too lazy to prepare yourself a nice meal. Starvation is clearly out of the question now. There is no point why you should deny yourself food in the name of losing weight. A typical Monique weight loss diet involves minimal snacking, low calories and fats. Vegetables and fruits come highly recommended by Monique. White meat- fish and the likes- are also popular in her diet.

• Exercising

Exercising is not exactly an easy activity but if you set your mind to it, nothing can be easier. In about seven months, Monique has been able to shed off some 80 pounds. This is all by lifting weights, playing basketball, doing some yoga and her personal favorite- walking. She makes a point of walking at least ten thousand steps every day.

Never lose heart

As abovementioned, Monique has always been about inspiring other women to lose weight. According to Monique, weight loss surgery is just another short cut like the weight loss diet pills that are all over the market. She goes on to add that using a short cut is the perfect route to disappointment. While exercising and eating a proper diet can be quite disheartening it has proven to be quite efficient. Point to remember:

• There will always be discouragement

Personal discouraging thoughts and nasty words from other people will always be there. To be successful, focus on your goals and not the nastiness that will prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve.

 • Dedicate yourself

If you plan to lose weight, dedicate yourself to doing just that. Make sure that you walk those two miles if that is what you have planned for yourself.

Inspiration to all women

Monique is clearly an inspiration to women across the world as she has always been. Her work on the screen reflects her passion to encourage women to be the best that they can be. She is not one of those people who will for the easiest way out. Hitting the gym frequently and doing her ten thousand steps daily is working pretty well. Proven by Monique, weight loss surgery is not necessary to lose eighty pounds. If it is possible to lose such a great amount of mass within less than a year, Monique is definitely on her way to greater weight loss success. Do not wait for tomorrow so that you can start shedding the weight. Start today- set your mind to it and you will experience success like Monique.