How Jennifer Hudson Lost Her Weight


Jennifer Hudson is a well-known name in the film, recording and singing industries. Having risen to fame in 2004, she has made tremendous decisions and successes in her life. Born in September 12, 1981 in Chicago and Hudson was able to clinch the finalist position in the third season of American idol in 2004. Being an actress, a soul and R&B singer and spokesperson has seen her win many worth awards in the entertainment industry. One of the major accomplishments she has made in her life is losing over 70 pounds in a weight loss program. So how did Jennifer Hudson lose weight?

This is a question that many seek answers for. However, Jennifer used a program that many would also be able to follow and yield the same results. Described below are some of the procedures that Jennifer followed in her weight loss program.

Work Out

Jennifer Hudson had to find a perfect workout program that would see her move from size 16 to 6. Her work out took over 40 minutes of 5 days every week, over a period of several months before she could start seeing the results. The work included 25 minute circuit-training routine in cardio, shoulder presses, abs exercises and lunges. Losing over 70 pounds could not have been achieved in few days.

Eating Normal and Healthy

Hudson had to find a weight loss plan that had to eliminate some types of food in her diet. Following a good diet and reducing the amount of calories intake greatly helped Jennifer Hudson to lose weight. As a famous celebrity with many people following her weight loss progress, Hudson has many people around her that help her choose the right diet including nutritionists. She even claimed to have not had pizza in years.

Letting everyone know her plans

Having millions of followers as a celebrity, Jennifer had to keep a constant weight loss program. She even had to tell her fiancé, that she needed to take a weight loss program. This greatly encouraged her to continue keep the program on track.

Documenting her success

Jennifer and others in the weight management program have a blog where they post every step of their progress in the journey to lose weight. Sharing with others has made her be consistent with her work out and diet plans. This helps her stick to the plan and be honest on what she does. This has also encouraged her fans that are following in her footsteps.
Did Jennifer Hudson have a weight loss surgery? Many people often have this question in their mind. As she has stated and claimed, Jennifer Hudson weight loss surgery never happen she also adds that her weight losing program was natural and she needed to prove it is possible to lose weight naturally. Before Jennifer Hudson found the best weight loss program, she had tried many other programs that didn’t work on her. However, she states that it is possible for everyone to follow her program and lose weight. She also adds that she would never have been a spokesperson in weight loss issues if she didn’t follow a natural procedure.