Did Jennifer Hudson Undergo A Weight Loss Surgery Or A Natural Weight Loss Process ?



News about Jennifer Hudson’s new figure and a dramatic weight loss has been hitting the media. Jennifer Hudson now has a stunning figure and her fans are admiring her new look while others think that she is taking it to the extreme ends. The Hollywood actress has lost a significant amount of weight as compared to her looks 5 years ago. Did Jenifer Hudson have weight loss surgery? That is the question occupying the celebrity industry as many critics believe she could not have lost much weight without a surgical procedure to remove excess fats in the body. How then did Jennifer Hudson lose weight?

Gastric by-pass

Critics have come up with facts that indicate that Jenifer did not lose weight but underwent through a gastric bypass surgery. However, the Dream girls actress openly refutes the claims saying that people do not appreciate the effort that she has made to look better in her career, she points out that she has never underwent any gastric bypass surgery and she will never dare. Jennifer however admits to having undergone a cosmetic surgery during the shooting of the movie Dream girls but not weight loss surgery.

Her career influence

Jenifer Hudson openly admits that as an actress, it becomes difficult to cope up in a career where beauty is defined by how slimmer you are, she was influenced by her career to loose weight. She states she opted for natural ways of losing weight. The movie the Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete

Jennifer admits that she had to lose more than 10 pounds recently so that she can fit in the movie “ The Inevitable Defeat of Mr &Pete”, she states that it was not an easy task but she had to learn some tricks of weight loss. In this movie, she is to play the role of a heroin addict and the director requested that losing some weight will bring out an element of reality in the movie.

Determination and maintaining a balanced diet

Jennifer Hudson states that she was determined to lose weight earlier on in her career, she knew one day she will give it a try and be determined to follow it. Now she is happy with her new look, did Jenifer Hudson have weight loss surgery? That has been a difficult question for many people to answer, even weight loss experts claims that it becomes difficult to tell the mechanism the actress used to lose weight. She maintains she has been very keen on the types of food she takes; she has not eaten her favorite meal pizza for the last ten years.

She has a mentor

Jennifer Hudson had to develop a partnership with weight watchers; they made a weight watching program that was to guide her on how to lose weight while still maintaining a good intake of balanced meal. Mentors helps in motivating and encouraging you even when you are almost giving up, through this partnership, she managed to lose 80 pounds and now she is happy for the effort of her mentors and her own determination.


Jennifer Hudson looks great, she has the confidence to showcase her figure, and she is now an inspiration to many people across the globe. How she lost weight should not occupy the minds of critics, what matters is that she is very happy with her new looks. She has denied the fact that she did not undergo any weight loss surgery, how did Jennifer Hudson lose weight? If you are overweight, determination and persistence should be the desired goal to lose weight. Never give up, just like Jennifer you can lose weight naturally and look gorgeous or smart.