How to Lose Weight Fast and Unhealthy


For some women, losing weight is a must and they will do anything to shed some pounds. They do not care about whether they lose their weight in unhealthy ways. Unfortunately, they know well that they do some harmful ways, but they go on with those methods as they desperately want to lose their weight in the fastest way as they can. If you are one of those people who need to lose weight and avoid any health risk, then you should go on reading this article about how to lose weight fast and unhealthy.

Less Insulin Injection

This is a very dangerous way among obese teenagers and unfortunately, it is very popular among them, especially for teenagers who suffer from diabetic. Injecting with insulin with less than the recommended amount is very harmful because it can cause serious damage to the liver, bladder and kidneys. The body needs a certain level of insuline for digest the carbohydrates and use stored fat for the energy source. When the insuline level is very low, then there will be very drastic weight loss.

Appetite Suppressant Supplements

There is an increasing demand of supplements that can suppress appetite. Some of them may be safe, but others are totally harmful. For those who are interested in taking such supplements—as most of them claim that they offer the safest and the most natural ingredients—they need to have doctor’s prescription. This is because some supplements contain merely stimulants and herbs blended ingredients that cause a high level of addiction. Yes, it is true that there will be faster weight loss. Yet, dieters can also get faster diseases such as palpitations, lung diseases, high blood pressure and a miserable death. Such supplements, without any prescription, are very effective on how to lose weight fast and unhealthy.

Extreme Exercise

Some vendors provide e-book about extreme training for the best weight loss program. Such method may be good to some people, but it can be very risky to many dieters who are prone of heart attack. Excessive marathon is one among several extreme exercises that thousands of dieters think that they are very effective in losing weight drastically. Though it is so true, they do not think that the risk is even more tragic than they have never imagined before. Exercise is important, though dieters need to have medical advice before applying any offer from vendors through online stores.

Laxatives for “Snacks”

It is the oldest way on how to lose weight fast and unhealthy. It’s been centuries that dieters consume laxatives, as if they are snacks. Millions of women have proven well that they suffered from severe vomiting, nausea, dehydration, and other diseases that can lead to death. Anyone can witness its “effectiveness” in reducing weight within at least three or four days. Yet, it has a high danger level because the body cannot absorb what it needs to produce energy.

So, it is actually easy to apply those aforementioned tips on how to lose weight fast and unhealthy. But do you have heart to risk your own life by taking all those harmful methods? There are still lots of healthy and safe diet methods with very effective results. All you have to do is consult the well-reputed medical experts and be confident with everything that you have. Everyone has different metabolic process, so there are different ways of dieting and enjoying the natural weight loss process.