Did Monique Have Weight Loss Surgery


Monique has weight loss surgery

Many people are having poor lifestyle and eating habits that expose them to health problems like obesity and blood pressure among others. When danger arises many would run for shortcuts to evade the problem.Ladies and gents who mind their physical appearance would want to cut down their weight as first as possible in order to look more pretty using quick means like surgery.The big question many are asking and maybe you is ,did Monique have weight loss surgery.This could be confusing as people with a common problem of weight loss like her,look for ways to lose weight like she has done losing 80 pounds.The answer to the question is not far from you as you read down this article

How Monique lost her weight

As we get her updates on twitter, Monique has worked towards her weight loss. Monique took the responsibility of taking care of her health and she advices her friends to do the same.She talks of her daily work outs that has seen her achieve the 80 pound weight loss.She says it’s a journey she says.With the drive of being healthy spiced with passion to look beautiful,the 45 year old’s focus was to change her eating habits by cutting of a junk of food like cookies ,cake,chips,red meat,fried foods. She embarked on eating fresh fish and take a gallon of water each day.She went ahead and hired trainer Erick Sammy with whom they hit the gym together on weekday morning doing a combination workout of stretching and weight training.Therefore Monique weight loss diet can help many people especially ladies with a similar challenge to achieve in overcoming it.Monique has done it with it so its possible and that’s what she tells her friends on twitter.

Monique weight loss surgery just but rumors

In every achievement one makes there must be some false tells as people find answers to their question how.Star Jones is one of the persons who don’t believe that Monique did it the natural way.According to her,Monique is looking so good so fast and she believes this can’t just be in the natural way.She can’t believe because herself dropped 160 pounds after gastric bypass surgery.In her personal experience she knows that Monique must be cheating on her natural loss of weight

The truth of how Monique did it

With all this mixed and confusing stories we remain wondering who is telling the truth and is the best way out to this problem.From the research I have done,did Monique have weight loss surgery finds answers.Jones the star could be doing this for personal reasons anchored on jealousy since she did it the easy way herself.As Monique puts it write on twitter,she did it naturally because even the parkers have been documenting her weight loss success.She tweets every morning on her work outs to inspire other women.Monique believes that you don’t have to let them cut you,give you pills things that come with surgery.

Finally it there are deductions we can make on this matter.Its real challenge to many women but if you go by what people say you may get it wrong.Weight loss should be done the natural way like the Monique.Did Monique have weight loss surgery ? this should be a question of the past as my article brings light to the speculations and gives good reasons that show that Monique did it naturally.Don’t go the Jones way it’s a shortcut with some side effects .Take care of your health and beauty as Monique advices on twitter.Work hard towards it and it is a journey with a destiny , you will like it at the end.