New Abs Diet For Women


There has never been a time that the desire for a flat belly has been so pronounced as today. Fat around the bell isn’t only unsightly but it is also a health risk. Many diets and tips exist today but still many women are left unsatisfied with the results. The new abs diet for women is a plan that promises positive results in six weeks. The plan also promises a belly fat weight loss of up to twelve pounds. It contains very useful tips, body toning workouts and delicious recipes included in the Abs Diet power foods. Moreover, it also has bonus workouts for the legs and butt and interval workouts to help burn baby weight.

Firstly, the plan emphasizes on the right diet. The new abs diet for women insists on the right combination of food and exercise. The abs diet for women recipes contains these power foods:

A. Almonds, other nuts with skins intact

These are laden with healthy oils that are good for you. Almonds are a low calorie alternative and a super food for weight loss.

B. Legumes; beans

These are a rich source of protein and fiber and will leave you feeling full for longer. They are also rich in slow burning carbs.

C. Green vegetables

Spinach-green vegetables are nutrition rich, providing much needed vitamins and minerals without adding fat to your body. They also contribute to the growth and repair of your body’s tissues. Calcium present in green vegetables is important for aiding muscle function. They are also rich in fiber.

D. Whole grain, breads and cereals

Whole grains are crucial in weight management. They are rich in fiber which makes you full and therefore enables you to control hunger. Whole grains leave you full with fewer calories. They are a rich source of energy and protein.

E. Lean meats, turkey, chicken, fish and lean steak

Lean meats are almost entirely protein and contain fewer calories per gram as compared to fats. They also contribute to the building of muscle. The muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate and the more calories you will burn. This combined with the recommended workouts in the new abs diet for women will work to tone your abdomen area and give you those coveted abs.

F. Low fat or fat free milk, cheese, cottage cheese and yoghurt

Dairy products are rich in calcium. Low fat dairy also has less fat and helps in weight loss especially in the midriff area.

The other part of the new abs diet for women is exercise. The first two weeks of this plan are spent acclimatizing your body to the nutritional plan. It entails a total body workout you do three times every week. There are additional fifty exercises targeted at your abs. It also has a section with additional workouts for your lower body. The interval workout included is tailored for different body types; athletic, classically curvy, lean and narrow. The plan also includes a stress elimination workout and a new mom’s workout.