Top 4 Fast Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight


Unlike what some individuals might like to think, there is a shocking number of people that constantly struggle with weight issues all over the world. Which leads many of them to try out fast unhealthy ways to lose weight? That is at best ineffective and at worst can lead to dire repercussions in the bodies of individuals that integrate them into their lifestyles. This is a wake up call to anyone that might want to cut down on their weight rapidly. Without taking into consideration the ramifications of their attempts to shed off a lot of pounds at great risk to their health and general well-being. The following are some of the most common unhealthy ways of losing weight.

No calories diet

Despite popular belief, integrating a no-calories diet in your eating habits in the hope of losing weight, can be one of the most dangerous step you could ever take. The human body needs a specific amount of fats to synthesis the necessary energy it needs to effectively carry out the various critical functions. In fact some healthy fats, like those found in fruits such as avocados are known to greatly assist in fat burning. Opting for this choice of one of the fast unhealthy ways to lose weight can have dire effects on your metabolism and even digestive system.

Taking weight loss drugs

Choosing to rely on weight loss drugs is also not the right way of losing weight. True, some of these formulations can lead to quick shedding of a significant amount of weight, but the long-term effects are certainly not worth it. Drugs like narcotics which inhibit hunger can greatly damage vital organs in the body such as the brain, heart and even the lungs. On the other hand, taking dietary supplements is OK, but you should also consume regular meals, while also integrating an appropriate exercise regimen in your lifestyle. This can go a long way in ensuring you lose a significant amount of pounds and maintain your weight for the long haul.

Skipping meals

This is also one of the fast unhealthy ways to lose weight. It has been proved that the human body’s metabolism greatly increases after consumption of food, and skipping meals significantly slows its functionality. Which can obviously lead to weight gain as fats that are not burned are deposited in various parts of the body?

Working out excessively

Most individuals believe that integration of vigorous workout sessions into their lifestyles can fast track weight loss. Sadly this isn’t usually the case, especially if your body might be undernourished. Naturally this is also another how to lose weight really fast unhealthy means that can have adverse effects on your body. The right approach to effective and long-term weight loss is to incorporate a moderate exercise regimen hand in hand with a healthy diet.


Being overweight is naturally not healthy, but opting for quick fixes to lose weight as can be seen can be very detrimental to your wellbeing. It is thus, important to ensure that you take your time to comprehend the repercussions of the weight loss program you want to utilize. Most especially its long-term effects on your body. Opting for fastunhealthy ways to lose weight is certainly not the right solution.