Weight Loss Sleeve



This is a new method that has been employed to help lose weight through surgery. It involves a surgical procedure where a portion of the stomach is removed. The surgery is called vertical sleeve gastrectomy. The stomach size is usually reduced by removing a small part of the stomach that is used in food processing. This limits the amount of food the stomach can hold. Daily food intake also is cut down. This type weight loss sleeve is done on patient who are excessively heavy to an extend that no other form of surgery to lose weight can be done.

What to Expect

This type of surgery like many others is done in hospitals. They use anesthesia to make individuals feel unconscious throughout the surgery procedure. This helps the patient to feel no pain as the surgery proceeds. The specific type of surgery one need depend on the hospital practices, one’s body situation and type of surgery you want.

Surgery takes several hours to complete but once it’s over you wake up and doctor will keep monitoring your situation. One may take 3 to 5 days in the hospital before been released. When fully recovered expect some radical changes in your food intakes.

The Surgery Procedure

Firstly, the surgeon will take several tests on your body and have visited your other doctors. Some of the tests that will be done include the physical test, ultra sound of blood and blood test. A visit to the other doctor is to know if there is any complication before weight loss surgery sleeve is started.

Surgery is performed laparoscopically, here a small tubular instrument with a camera is inserted into the stomach. The camera helps the surgeon to view the stomach as he operates. A large portion of the stomach is cut and the procedure may take hours.

Why Perform the Procedure

Weight loss sleeve is performed generally to help lose weight. It’s an option for people who cannot lose weight by controlling their diets or doing exercises. It is also a good way for people who are obese. Weight loss sleeve is not a quick fix solution for people with obese, actually it completely changes the lifestyle of a person. One is forced to eat less food that is healthy and perform exercises as a result of the surgery. This surgery is recommended if one has a body mass index of 40 or more or weighs more than 100 pounds.


There are risks to this procedure as any other surgical procedure and patients must be advised accordingly before making it an option. Patients are advised to have a good support system in place before the surgery. One should evaluate all options before available before making up the mind because this procedure will have a complete lifestyle change on the person.

The success of weight loss sleeve will depend to a larger extend on the person. But it’s good to note this is not the solution for weight loss, it only trains you to eat less so follow the doctor’ guidelines.