Weight loss surgery: benefits and risks


Now a day’s majority of the populations are suffering from obesity. This is due to the intake of fast and spicy foods. The idea of having a surgery regarding obesity comes when all other techniques like exercise and diet plans fails. But the getting a best weight loss surgery is not any type of miracle. It is somehow an effective tool in reducing fats. But one should have a complete knowledge about the bariatric surgery.

Is the surgery essential ?

The initial option is exercise and diets. If these options are failed then doctors may refer for this surgery. This option is preferred when there are more than 35 of BMI. In this type of condition the only option is surgery. This surgery can be performed in minimal invasive way. It has many benefits like faster recovery, least pain etc.

Risks involved in this surgery ?

There is a minimal risk involved in all the surgeries whether it may be gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or the duodenal switch. So, before the surgery one should have a clear understanding about the best weight loss surgery and the risks that are involved. Apart from this one should remain conscious about the after effects and what are the precautions to be taken.

How effectively the Weight Loss Surgery Work ?

There are two main type of best weight loss surgery available in market. One is the restrictive procedure and other one is malabsorptive procedure. The restrictive procedure works by decreasing the intake of food whereas the mal absorptive procedure works by altering the digestion. In this the food is poorly digested and so is not completely absorbed and afterwards eliminated in the stool.

How quickly one loses weight and what are the ways that may put it back ?

Weight of the Patients is reduced more rapidly after the surgery. This process continues for about two years. But if a person does not controls the consumption of food and starts eating high calories food then weight can be regained.

What are the precautions required to be taken before surgery ?

A detailed examination and evaluation of heart and lungs is done before the surgery. The records are kept to have knowledge whether the body is suitable for the surgery or is there any risk. Apart from this it is advised to lose some weights before the surgery.

After the surgery is done the patient is recommended to be on liquid diet for about two weeks. Afterwards a healthy diet could be preferred. Getting the best weight loss Surgery is more difficult. But one should not depend on this and do some regular workouts so as to remain fit and slim.