Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve Procedure



Weight loss surgery sleeve procedure is a fitness procedure option adopted by people who cannot safely undertake bariatric surgery procedure. It involves risky surgery procedure where the surgeon removes some portions of your stomach. The removed parts are then replaced by artificial smaller parts that limit the amount of food you can consume. The new stomach makes you feel full with eating little amount of food. This surgery is considered risky and should only be performed by a highly trained and experienced surgeon. This kind of surgery is irreversible and sometimes the only solution for people suffering from severe obesity.


The weight loss surgery sleeve procedure involves several steps which the patient should understand well before taking it. It is recommended that, as the patient you should discus with your doctor to see if the procedure is really necessary. The procedure starts by the surgeon administering the general anesthesia before the operation. This will make you sleep and keep you off from the pain. The surgery uses tiny camera that is placed in your stomach to monitor the procedure and help the surgeon observe the process. The small camera is called the laparoscope and are highly designed for this job.

In the weight loss surgery sleeve procedure, the surgeon makes between two to five minor cuts in your abdomen and inserts the laparoscope through one of the cuts. He then passes the instruments required for the surgery through the other cuttings. The camera is usually connected to a video monitor in the operating room which the surgeon uses to see inside your stomach. Each instrument is set to its specific position ready to do its work. The surgeon will monitor and ensure that everything is put in its place before starting the weight loss surgery sleeve process of removing some parts of your belly.

The removal of stomach.

Your surgeon removes some parts of your stomach, portion by portion, then joins the remaining parts using surgical staples. The procedure creates a long vertical tubed stomach which is smaller in size than what you had. This surgery usually avoids cutting, harming or changing the sphincter muscles which are responsible for entry and exit of food substance in the stomach. With an experienced surgeon, this procedure should only take around 60 to 90 minutes given that everything went as planned. The portions of your stomach should feel soon though you’re eating capacity is highly reduced and you will feel full by eating very little food.

Weight loss surgery sleeve procedure is recommended for extremely obese people who have tried other options of weight loss without success. Weight loss sleeve can also be taken by people weighing over 100 pounds and with health complication where weight loss might be beneficial. After this surgery, you should control the amount and type of your nutrition, eat healthy and exercise for the procedure to have the expected outcome. Some of the risks involved include, gastritis, stomach injury, heartburn and leaking from the line of operation procedure. In addition to the normal surgery risks, you may also experience frequent vomiting when you consume more than your stomach can hold.