Best Resistance Training Workouts For Core Performance


Studies have shown that resistance training is important to burn calories and increase your core performance. Generally, people start to walk, run, jog, get on a Stairmaster or do some sort of aerobics and cardiovascular activity to strengthen their core muscles. A combination of resistance training and cardio workouts is the best way to burn calories, lose fat and remain lean as well as supple. Resistance training is important for people over the age of 25 years as they can lose up to a pound of muscle per year.

What is resistance training?

Resistance training involves exercises that target the muscles with the help of weight loads. These exercises include weight machines, large exercise balls, bands and free weights. The best resistance training workouts should include exercising all major groups of muscles. Doing these workouts 3-4 times per week is sufficient. Alternate the days so that you give your muscles time to recover from bruises and injuries. Resistance training causes the core muscles to contract against an external force. The expectation is to strengthen and tone the core muscles. Dumbbells bricks, bottles filled with water, rubber exercise tubing and springs are the general tools used in resistance training.

Why the core muscles should be strengthened

Our core muscles serve as the foundation for all our movements. The core muscles found deep inside the torso are attached to the spine, pelvis and to the muscles that support the scapula. These muscles contract and stabilize the spine, pelvis and the shoulders and form a solid base. Only if the base is solid and strong the body is able to generate powerful movements. Strength training of the core muscles is especially important for sportspersons like athletes, swimmers, and weightlifters. It is also important for all people to have a solid base so that they carry on with their day-to-day activities. Training and strengthening the core muscles correct the imbalances in the posture. Resistance training of the core muscles involves using a group of muscles in a coordinated movement. In resistance training, the main technique used is to brace the core muscles. The correct way of bracing is to pull the abdominal muscles towards the spine. While doing this you should be able to breathe easily, so make sure not to hold your breath.  The reasons for training your core muscles are several. You will get better ability to do your daily chores. Sportspersons can improve their performance and risks of injuries are also reduced

Resistance training is not bodybuilding, it is strength training of muscles. The core region is a lot more than just the abdominal muscles. Core strength training in fact targets all the muscle groups of the spine and pelvis. It is the core muscles that transfer energy to the various parts of the body during the course of our daily activities and also during many sporting activities. Medicine balls, stability balls, and balance boards are pieces of resistance training equipment that genuinely strengthen the core muscles. Aerobics are also good to build strength in the core muscles. Strong core muscles increase the quality of the body’s performance