7 Weight Loss Tips from the Most Influential Fitness Experts

In today’s society, there is so much confusion and noise about how to lose weight and what you should be doing to lose weight fast! What most don’t like to hear is that it takes hard work and dedication. There is no pill or quick fix formula, but there are things you can do to accelerate your weight loss while having fun! So, to help you, I asked seven of the most influential people, in the fitness industry, what they believe is the most powerful piece of weight loss advice they could give. They have helped thousands of people worldwide,  just like you, with weight loss, and I am confident their advice will help on your journey! Without further ado, I introduce the experts….

Manage Stress

Kelly inspires you to Be the Spark with an approach that teaches people how to move, eat, think, and live in a way that is in alignment with their authentic Self. She explains that when we are stressed, and operating in fight or flight mode, we can’t think clearly. Our willpower suffers, and we resort to our default coping strategies, whether that’s sweets, an excess of caffeine, or other unhealthy habits.


Bring awareness to your breath….When do you have difficulty breathing with ease? What are you thinking about? What are you doing? Who are you with? Being in tune to your breath will help you identify your stress triggers. The more calm you are, the more capable you are of letting stress go, the more capable your body will be to release excess weight. Here’s a quick video from Kelly with tips to help you eat mindfully rather than stress mode!

Have Accountability and stay educated. Creator of Second Chance Lifestyle, Ben’s two most crucial elements for weight loss are accountability and education. He has not stopped learning and his team of individuals push him every day to keep showing up. He told me “The myth is that it is easy for those of us that have a six pack and workout every day. That just isn’t the case. We get stronger, but the workouts don’t get easier.” His success comes from learning something new every day, in all aspects of his life, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Chris Plourde@Chrisplourde “Losing weight can be extremely challenging

The typical approach… counting calories, extreme workouts and daily weigh in’s, may get temporary results but may not be sustainable as a lifestyle.  I suggest a complete context shift that will speak to your heart and soul in order to achieve long-lasting results”Focus on performance and food. In addition to his private clients, he runs Chris Plourde Fitness Consulting & Coaching. He explains the importance of getting to the heart of why you want to lose the weight, setting a plan of action, and staying consistent with your plan and focus. Focus on performance rather than the scale. Your weight can fluctuate 3-10 pounds per day depending on water retention. Put your focus on a measurable goal… something that is performance driven, like a 5k run, a Tough Mudder, 3-5 yoga or Pilates sessions per week, or a new resistance training program. Make it fun and meaningful, so that before you know it, you will see, and feel yourself, getting in better shape.

His rule of thumb with food is if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it! Keeping it clean and real (that means Mother Nature made it) helps to prevent water retention and allows your body to process more efficiently.  We all know that too much sugar, salt and fat are not a good thing…so be conscious about what you are putting into your body.

Andrea Speir@Andreaspeir Become Workout Driven.

Andrea Speir has established herself as a powerful name in the Pilates community through her playful personality and challenging classes at Andrea Speir Pilates. When she is struggling to shed a few pounds, she dials in on her workouts.  “Whenever I plan my week with a bunch of varying workouts that will kick my butt and are hard – I find that I want to eat healthy and I DO eat healthy. I don’t want to ruin my awesome workout and the fantastic high I got from moving and grooving.” This helps her eat better. Once she eats better, she feels better and wants to workout again. It’s a great cycle to get into, but  focusing first on the workouts is what has always helped her find the way into healthy eating choices.

Amy Clover@stronginsideout Find your root goal.

Amy Clover, Creator of Strong Inside Out, is here because she wants to empower people to overcome whatever obstacles are keeping them from a thriving life. She is living proof that you can overcome, and that’s what she wants you to realize about yourself. Base your goals in something deeper than simply “wanting to lose weight.” Ask yourself why you want to be thinner; is it to be able to keep up with your kids, or to feel more confident in your body? Keep asking why until you get to a deeper goal (what she calls the “root goal”) that strikes an emotional chord in you. That will be your source of motivation that drives you through the difficult parts of change, and keeps you going after you achieve your goals.

Mark Fisher@mrfisherfitness – Have realistic expectations and social support.

Mark started Mark Fisher Fitness where they strive to be the industry leader at combining the best possible fitness results with a fun, nurturing, and inclusive environment. He believes the first key to weight loss is having realistic expectations, because it’s easy to be disappointed if you don’t see results as fast as you expect. Weight loss takes time! Particularly when done in a sustainable matter. Having help and support from a like minded community helps you through the tough times ahead in your journey. Communities can provide emotional support, accountability and help you live into the new identity for yourself that is aligned with the habits required for long term success.

Yannus Sufandi@yannusworld – Planning

Yannus is an international actor, choreographer and model from Java, Indonesia. He says to, “Plan out your meals and schedule your workouts ahead of time.” Yannus doesn’t like to call it dieting, he prefers “clean eating”. His clean eating involves cutting sugars, processed food and fried food and replacing them with more vegetables and fruits. “Getting organized Monday to Sunday, with the food alone, can drastically and positively impact your weight loss within the first month.” Once you get used to this routine, it becomes a habit and will cause you to love the way you look and push you to want to look and feel better.

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