is the brainchild of Sarah Leroy. In 2006, Sarah began her struggle to lose weight, and soon found that it was nearly impossible to find accurate and helpful information over the internet. This lack of guidance made it difficult to reach her goals and created a feeling of isolation. Additionally, Sarah found that much of the information online was speculative and did not cater to the way her body functioned.

After nearly three years of battle with her obesity, and ultimately losing over 145 pounds, Sarah made a commitment to create a stable source of online information for those who are following her on her path to a healthier more productive future. was created as this source, and has 3 primary goals:

1. Have a centralized and accurate source of information about easy diets and weight loss.

2. Provide helpful guidance through a organized and easy to navigate website, to reach it users ultimate diet goals.

3. Help its visitors understand and apply the tips, techiques, and programs that are the site offers.

Sarah hopes that her hard work will accomplish these objectives throughly and effectively, and that those still struggling to achieve a healthier lifestyle will be able to use the site as a means to reach their desired ends.

If you have any questions or comments for either Sarah or, feel free to contact us.