Beer and a Diet

For many, alcohol is one of the first things to go when they start a diet. This is not necessarily a bad decision – ethanol provides no real benefit to the body, and are truly empty calories. That being said, I love my beer far too much to every completely abstain from drinking it, even if I have to compensate by eating less. I also don’t totally agree that all alcohol is necessarily bad. Having your favorite brew can actually be beneficial in other ways that many people don’t realize. Just like anything else in a easy diet, you just need to assess the value of your beer, and decide the healthiest way to enjoy it. Remember, a diet is very easy if your still able to enjoy your favorites.

Beer can actually be highly nutritious. Unfiltered beers are high in vitamin B and have respectable amounts of protein. This protein is mainly due to the yeast that is still suspended in the beer. The protein in these beers can help curb hunger, especially if you have a drink before a meal. In fact, beer has historically been an important means of getting nutrients. Unfiltered beers, which are far more common, lose some of this nutritional benefit, but they still shouldn’t be completely shunned.

My best advice though, is to stay as far away from light beers as you can. No only are beers like bud light or miller light horrible excuses for beer – tasteless, sulfury, overly carbonated – they are effectively watered down alcohol with no nutritional benefit. Their trademarked ‘drinkability’ is exactly what you want don’t want. They achieve their drinkability by essentially brewing a beer with minimal flavoring components.

However the alcohol is still there, and that’s the part that contains most of the calories. Most light beers have around 100 calories. Anything less and it normally means the beer has much less alcohol, such as MGD 64 which is 2.9% abv. You may as well have a much better, more delicious, beer that hovers between 150-200 calories. These extra calories are certainly worth it, but if you don’t agree, just drink alcohol free beer since the calories from the alcohol are inevitable.

Again the emphasis is the same for beer as with any other diet food – quality over quantity and you’ll see results. Cheers!

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