Best Metabolism Boosting Foods

Do you remember when you were young and could eat anything you wanted and still would never gain weight?

Even when I was in my late teens, I was eating huge portions of unhealthy food full of fats and cholesterol and never really had to worry about packing on pounds. However, after years of following that lifestyle, I was surprised to see myself ‘ballooning’ when I was in my early twenties. After a lot of time at the gym and discouragingly little progress, I realized that it was my metabolism that had changed and I was no longer burning calories as quickly as I used to. I decided to make a change in the types of foods I ate to boost my metabolism. Sure enough, after only a few weeks of eating these new foods, I started to burn fat without changing any other parts of my diet, and have lost almost 20 pounds to date.

Here are the 6 foods that I found were best to boost my metabolism and I couldn’t live without!

Grapefruit is one of my secret foods that I always tell my friends about. Just eating half a grapefruit a day helps you get loads of vitamins without the extra calories. The small amounts of fructose sugar jump-start your day and help curb your hunger and help prevent your body from absorbing fat. They are also really delicious!

Yogurt, especially low fat varieties are phenomenal for encouraging weight loss. That being said, you should try to get plenty of dairy servings in general per day, but yogurt is by far the easiest and most beneficial choice. It is low in calories, generally under 100, and provides large amounts of protein and calcium. There are even claims that it contains ‘probiotics’ which help regulate your digestive system.

Turkey, specifically white meat turkey is both a healthy and great choice for a meal. It is, obviously, a rich protein source and is quite low in fats as far as meats go. Turkey can be useful in boosting metabolism as it takes much more effort for your digestive system to break it down.

Oatmeal can be one of the best carbs that you can eat. It has many cholesterol reducing properties and is very high in fiber, thus buring calories as you eat it.
Last, and a little more obvious; water! Water is exceptional at keeping your body in order. It help flush salts toxins from your system, and even burns calories along the way. Water simply makes you feel good, and you should always plan to drink at least 4 generous glasses a day.

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