Create a Low Fat Diet Plan

A Low fat diet plan is an excellent means of losing weight, and is one of the safest and healthiest ways to do so. Obviously, the benefits of a low fat diet plan is extensive, including drastic reduction in the risk of heart disease and cardiac arrest, along with a decreased risk of stroke and liver failure.

The benefits can be furthered by replacing meats and other ingredients high in saturated fats with other sources of protein in combination with healthy oils, such as olive oil. Unfortunately, many people are turned off by a traditional low fat diet plan as they believe that the food they are allowed to eat are bland and boring.

This simply isn’t true! There is a plethora of delicious foods and recipes that you’ll love. Simple Easy Diets has prepared a example low fat diet plan below:


  • Orange juice or other healthy juice (Low in sugar)
  • Cereals that are high in whole grains, such as oat meal
  • A simple omlette prepared with olive oil, roasted tomatos, black beans (don’t eat more than two eggs a week)
  • Whole wheat bread with honey or a low fat butter spread
  • Non-fat milk, coffee, or tea


  • Salad with tomatoes a little Ramano cheese drizzled with olive oil
  • Add beans to the salad for a more filling meal
  • Greek yogurt with granola
  • Sparkling water with a wedge of lemon, or non-fat milkDinner:
  • Chicken, turkey, or other low fat meats
  • Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce topped with red pepper flakes
  • Salad
  • Sugar free mousse or non-fat brownies

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