Dieting At A Party

Who doesn’t love the summer holidays? You get to see your family, friends, or even coworkers, and take some time to relax. For many though, holiday get-togethers create a major temptation to overeat, especially among less disciplined dieters. Never fear though! You can still go to that party and not have to worry about missing out. We have some great tips for dieters to resist the allure of the less than healthy party foods on the holidays.

Most importantly, make sure that you don’t arrive at the party hungry. People have a tendency to just skip meals by telling themselves, “Oh I’ll just wait. I’m sure there will be plenty of food at the party.” By the time the party comes around, you’ll be ravenous and will have trouble making good food choices.

Pick up a smaller plate, if possible. Even grab a bowl if you need to. By using a smaller plate, the portions will look relatively bigger, tricking your body into thinking your eating more than you really are. This also prevents you from filling up the plate with more than you can or need to eat.

If your planning on bringing food, take control and bring something that you know is healthy. Instead of using fatty dressings, like mayo or ranch, consider using yogurt, ricotta, or hummus. Include plenty of vegetables and avoid bringing foods that are traditional but notoriously bad, like chips or cheeses.

Look for foods that take a ‘commitment’ to eat. Essentially, don’t go for snack foods, or foods that you can eat with your hands. Get a piece of chicken breast, or some casserole. Using a fork and knife will slow you down, giving your body time to tell you if you need more to eat. Also try to avoid many of the traditional grilling foods like burgers and hotdogs. These are delicious but most are full of fat. Consider using turkey or vegetable versions. Roasted vegetables are also a great and delicious choice.

Make sure you don’t overdo it with the alcohol. It’s easy to get carried away in a social setting, especially when your having fun. Not only does alcohol reduce your ability to make proper food choices, the calories are empty. Many fruity drinks are also full of sugar to mask the taste of alcohol, and are therefore high in simple carbohydrates.

Just follow these easy dieting tips and I’m sure you’ll make the right choices, but still have a blast! Happy fourth!

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