Easy Diets and Nutrients

When your busy and constantly on the run, it can be pretty difficult to get all of the nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and productive. Many of us mistakenly think that just eating vegetables will ensure that we get everything that we need, but in actuality you must take a holistic approach to your diet to be enough. All easy diets must be effective yet healthy!

For starters, most of us rarely get enough vitamin D in a day. Foods that are dark green such as spinach and brocolli are rich in vitamin D, but other foods, such as dairy and soy are often overlooked. Soy can also be beneficial as it contains many essential amino acids that your body needs to survive.

Copper is also commonly neglected in many diets. Meats from animal organs, such as livers or kidneys are often high in copper as well as shellfish, whole wheat products and many nuts. Consider replacing peanut butter with sunflower butter to get the proper amount of copper in a day.

Potassium is also essential for your body to function as it helps regulate body fluids. Many fruits and most vegetables contain traces of potassium but most do not contain enough to make sure you receive your daily value. However by focusing on eating specific foods, mainly bananas, tomatoes, or unpeeled potatoes you can help satisfy your needs.

One of the last ‘metal nutrients’, zinc, is also often largely ignored in diets. Zinc is heavily utilized in the nervous and immune systems and is a must for all easy diets. Eating modest portions of red meats, or eggs is normally sufficient.

Lastly, as dieters often totally remove meats from their diets, they are substantially reducing the amount and variety of essential fatty acids in their body. There are 9 specific kinds of acids which your body needs every day, and often by eating only vegetables you are getting all of them. Emerging research has shown that lack of these acids can actually contribute to weight gain and can be a precursor to various diseases. Therefore, always try to eat foods such as soy, nuts, seaweed and fish which have all 9 of these acids. This will keep you energized and healthy while on an easy diet.

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