Exercise For Women Over 50

Let’s take a look at exercise for women over 50 and how it applies to our health and longevity. Once was a time when I exercised for purely vain reasons: to look better. I wanted a shapely butt and legs. I wanted nice arms. I wanted to be a particular weight with as little fat as possible. I knew I had to move more and eat less in order to do this. It’s not rocket science, right?

As I’ve matured, my motivation for exercise is more to stay agile and mobile as I age. Oh I still like the way it makes me look, but it seems more important now how it makes me feel.

Did you know that there are some species of sharks that die if they stand still? Humans are much the same. I’ve seen women my age who have never taken care of themselves, and it can be quite scary. If you don’t move, your body starts to age and die prematurely. I don’t want to go out that way, and I don’t think you do either or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Everybody knows by now that the key to quality of life through good health that leads to longevity is a combination of five things. These are known as the five components of fitness.We have to do cardio exercise for our heart and lungs or our cardiovascular and pulmonary systems (cardiorespiratory endurance).

We have to strength train or resistance train for musculoskeletal (bones and muscle) health to stay stronger longer (muscular strength and endurance).

We need to stretch for flexibility. (Yoga, Pilates, regular stretching, etc.)And we need to eat a proper diet to fuel our bodies for all of the above.Doing all of this will keep our bodies at a healthy weight, and more importantly, in the proper lean mass to body fat ratio (body composition).

There are some basic principles that apply no matter what gender or age you are when it comes to exercise.

Fundamental Principles Of Exercise

One should incorporate a structured exercise plan that aims at a good balance of training each of the fitness components.It is necessary to use progressive intensity as you train to bring about improvement.It is also imperative to take appropriate time off or rest between sessions to allow recuperation and growth to take place.

Any type of fitness training, whether it is aerobic, strength, or flexibility training, is based on what exercise physiologists call the overload principle. To train any of the body’s systems, such as the cardiopulmonary or musculoskeletal system, we must make it work harder than it is accustomed to working.

A major fundamental principle in training for optimal fitness is specificity of training. In other words, each component of fitness is conditioned or trained in very specific and differing ways.

Now with that stated, we need to realize that most women over 50 have some health issues that need to be considered and addressed before structuring an exercise plan. If you have exercise questions and concerns, I plan to cover these topics and much more within the blog posts and pages of this site.

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