Lower Back Pains – Causes and Treatments

Lower back pain symptoms have different intensity level and some are just a dull ache while others are stabbing sensations. Resting on a sagging mattress, heavy lifting and injury may all lead to pain in the lower back. This pain can cause problem when sleeping and may delay some of your important daily task.

What are the Roots of Having Pains in the lower back?Knowing the cause of the pains in the lower back is important so that you will know what you need to avoid. Here are things that you should take note in order to ensure that you will not experience the pains.Lifting heavy weights – Lifting a heavy object abruptly with full force may cause pain in your back.

Overzealous workout – When you go to the gym it is important not to overload yourself with so many things to do so that your muscles will not be surprised and will not create the pain you have before.

Bad Posture

Standing in an awkward position for longer hours may also create jolts in your lower back.Spinal problems – You can also feel pain in the lower back once you have problems in your spinal cord.

Overstuffed Bags or Purses

Carrying your overstuffed bags for longer hours can also lead to pains.

Home Remedies for Back Pains

There are many treatment options that you can do at home. Those who are using sagging mattress when sleeping may need to replace it immediately or you can use a support system for it which you can insert under the mattress. For dull pains, try relieving it with a warm bath or you may apply a heating pad. Stretching and other forms exercises are also a good way to relieve the pains in the lower back. Lifting heavy weights using a machine can help prevent you from experiencing pains in your back. It is important that you know these simple steps in order to avoid suffering from the tutoring pains of the lower back.

Effective Treatment From Professionals

Massage therapists and chiropractors use newly developed techniques of treating the pains in your lower back. Some of these techniques include deep tissue massage, acupressure and spinal manipulation. There are studies that show the effectiveness of massage therapy in reducing the symptoms of lower back pains. You can read more about these treatments online.Acupuncture is another technique that works for many people. Other people are using massage therapy to strengthen their muscles while eliminating the pain. If you consult a professional about the problem in your back they would normally ask what kind of mattress you are sleeping at and may advice you to change it if necessary.

It is important for anyone to sleep properly to ensure that muscles are well relaxed. However, if you have problems in you back, you might find it difficult to sleep. If the problem is caused due to your sagging mattress you must not hesitate to change it right away.

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