Worst Dieting Myths

As I’m sure you’ve read in the news, health magazines, or otherwise, there’s always some new secret for easy diets that’s taken the world by craze.

Some of these tips are well founded, while others actually do work. But with a tremendous variety of fad easy diets, weight loss supplements, and pills how do we know which are true or which are otherwise?

We picked through the huge amount of misleading and sometimes downright incorrect information that we found on the internet to bring you the three biggest, most misunderstood online dieting and weight loss myths:

  1. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood theories that is thrown around in regards to weight loss is that “spot reduction” of fat is possible. Many people only want to lose weight in their arms, or drop some of that belly fat. Perhaps this arguments stems from the fact that muscle can be built readily on any part of the body. Unfortunately, the same is not true for fat burning. Fat is burned at nearly an equal rate throughout your body. There are, of course, parts of your body that carry more fat at a given period of time, and will proportionately burn quicker.
  2. One of the most dangerous things that people do while dieting is completely cut their calorie intake. Many people believe that doing this will cause the quickest results and fat loss. However, on the contrary, if you cut your calorie intake drastically, you can place your body into a starvation mode, where ANY food that you put into your body is converted to fat when possible. Ironically, when your body is in this mode, you will actually gain weight as your body creates fat reserves to help you survive. Additionally, you can begin to lose muscle as you body burns the proteins for energy.
  3. Finally dieters like to believe that cardio exercises alone are enough for easy diets and losing weight. While any exercise can actually help you lose weight, cardio is best when used in combination with other exercise, particularly aerobics. Weightlifting can also be beneficial, even for women who don’t wish to ‘bulk up’. Lifting can help build endurance and muscle strength, thus enabling you to improve your athleticism.

While this only touches on the ignorance that we encountered while looking through information on the web, it should give you an idea of what to expect.

Never follow any advice without first consulting your doctor or a medical professional, as you can, clearly, unwittingly waste time and effort.

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